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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


yeah new section where i have taken teasers, a few photos from canceled comics, test shots, and a photoshoot that predates GSF completely and features the earliest versions of the GSF dial tone and ice-pick(well the customs that became the GSF customs :P)
enjoy and guys sorry that i have been preoccupied with school to get you guys new content
and now i'm on break so i should get some work on this project done


new stuff coming soon i hope
better than before
new outfits coming
new sub teams including the mongoose unit, and SB unit
more IG troopers and more cobra's
new equipment including a c-130 transport
though no holiday issue not enough snow
dam you global warming
well i get picks up soon
anyways these photos aren't going to be part of a comic but still they show the small SB unit and are basicly test shots with my new camera
SB unit
IG team