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welcome to my blog for the GSF
I have made reading different parts of the story easier I hope
for to read the written story click on the GSF tab I have compiled all GSF on that page
to read the comics click on the GSFC tab I have compiled all the GSFC on that page
i hope you enjoy my work and as always each thing will continue to get their own post on the blog main page


GSF links
other GIJoe blogs on zee interwebz
ages 25 and up blog
Tales from Castle Destro blog
Our Basement Workshop blog
The Crimson Cloth blog

other GIJoe sites-forums, info, shopping, and other miscellaneous action figures related things
The Fighting 1:18th
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Joe Declassified
Joe Declassified Spec Ops Podcast
What's On Joe Mind? Podcast
Custom Figure Wars
Slayer Design Studios
Marauder Gun-Runners
Raginspoon's Custom Cast Parts and Figures
G.I.Joe Scale Models: Weapons-imperfect but better weapon ID's than yojoe.com 

other non-GIJoe related webcomics (that i read myself)
the pocalypse
whats shakin comic
romantically apocalyptic
alex ze pirate
stupid fox
niels and gang
Scandinavia and the World
so your a cartoonist
acero tiburon
manala next door
brentalfloss comic 
soap box derpy

 if you find any broken links drop a message in the chat box so i know and can fix it

also if you have a web comic(that is GIJoe/action figure related), a GIJoe fan fiction, or a GIJoe related blog drop a message in the Cbox and i may add yours to the list