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welcome to my blog for the GSF
I have made reading different parts of the story easier I hope
for to read the written story click on the GSF tab I have compiled all GSF on that page
to read the comics click on the GSFC tab I have compiled all the GSFC on that page
i hope you enjoy my work and as always each thing will continue to get their own post on the blog main page


welcome to the page that is just for pictures and that will be updated time to time with new content and unlike GSF or GSFC stuff that gets it's own post when added this stuff won't get that sorta thing
teasers photos

test shots or canceled comics(i did the photoshoot but then i couldn't come up with a good story to go with them or important shots where blury)
 anyways enjoy the random pics

 actually these predate GSF but still feature ice-pick and dial tone