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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


yeah new section where i have taken teasers, a few photos from canceled comics, test shots, and a photoshoot that predates GSF completely and features the earliest versions of the GSF dial tone and ice-pick(well the customs that became the GSF customs :P)
enjoy and guys sorry that i have been preoccupied with school to get you guys new content
and now i'm on break so i should get some work on this project done


new stuff coming soon i hope
better than before
new outfits coming
new sub teams including the mongoose unit, and SB unit
more IG troopers and more cobra's
new equipment including a c-130 transport
though no holiday issue not enough snow
dam you global warming
well i get picks up soon
anyways these photos aren't going to be part of a comic but still they show the small SB unit and are basicly test shots with my new camera
SB unit
IG team

Friday, November 11, 2011

character updates coming and happy veterans day everyone

that right i have updates to my characters 
some with new or more gear 
and the rest i will also be getting updates on 
also i'll get individual shots on each team member  
and get shots of mongoose anti armor squad
it's veterans day today 
so remember and give thanks to all veterans and their families today

Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

happy Halloween everyone hope you all had a good day

Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy national cat day

 October 29 is national cat day  :D

and to those waiting for the next part of gsfc 3 
sorry it's nowhere near done(yes i know that it's been awhile since i last posted) 
lately i have been side tracked by school and some other young adult drama 
but i am starting prepping the raw photos for completion 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


it's 9/11 today
the day where 10 years ago 19 terrorists killed a total of 3,497 people
  • 2,735 civilians in the World Trade Center died 
  • 87 passengers and crew members aboard American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the North Tower
  • 60 passengers and crew aboard United Flight 175 that hit the South Tower
  • 343 New York City firefighters and rescue workers and 23 New York City law enforcement officers, 47 Port Authority workers and 37 Port Authority Police Officers, lost their lives when they rushed in to save the victims in the World Trade Center
  • 36 passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93, who gave their lives stopping four hijackers over Pennsylvania 
  • 64 passengers and crew aboard American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon, killing them and 125 people in the building.
and not only did Americans die but 327 foreign nationals did too 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GSFC 3-1

yeah i realize this has almost nothing to do with the series but still it's a new comic

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

teaser for the next comic

well i made this for the next comic
i will try to complete it before the month is done but no promises k

yeah it's sorta a updated version of this from the Sunbow series

well that's it for now
when i finish the next comic you all will understand why i made this(other than the fact the sunbow series one looks poorly done(no offence to the artist who made it)

Friday, June 17, 2011

chapter 1 part 4

Chapter 1 part 4 “Wait isn’t he supposed to be dead”

Back at the MPIT’s computer bay
“Hey Hawk now what if MARS is in the mountains dealing illegal weapons shouldn’t we send a full unit not just two Joes?”
“Dial-tone, we’re sending two men for recon is okay and mainframe can you hand me the radio we need to recall all units right now”
Mainframe Hands hawk the radio microphone
“We’re broadcasting hawk”
“all training unit, this is Hawk, return to the MPIT we have a possible emergency, I repeat all training units return to MPIT, that is all, Hawk out”
“Now we wait for Snow Job and Icepick report”
Over the radio softly “Snow Job to MPIT”
“This is hawk what your report Snow Job”
Softly “looks like Cobra and MARS are doing a weapon deal and Cobra is just arriving, what the hell?”
“What’s wrong Snow Job?”
Softly “It’s Cobra Commander it looks like he’s back now, hawk”
“That’s impossible he jumped off a cliff, but wait, we never did find his body”
Softly “Or it could be an entirely new cobra commander, hawk”
“That’s true Snow Job we don’t know what his face looks like behind his mask”
“Thanks for the report Snow Job”
Beachhead walks in to the computer lab
“Hawk everyone is here now we all are waiting orders”
“Call the veteran Joes in here and take dial-tone over to the mess hall and collect the green shirts and have them wait in the lunch room”
“Kay, come on dial-tone come on”
In the mess hall
“Dial-tone wait here and everyone in here will be receiving orders in a few minutes”
Helix begins to walk over towards dial-tone “hey DT what going on that we all got recalled except ice pick?” helix asks dial tone as she sits on top of the nearest table “well helix, ice-pick and Snow Job spotted the mars gunship codenamed ‘Cobra-Z08’ up in the mountains and are tracking and apparently somebody is alive that fell off a cliff wonder who that would be?”
“Its most likely Cobra Commander” no-show says “he jumped to his doom to evade capture back at the end of WWIII, but his body never was recovered and Ice-pick could be in trouble but there is nothing we can do”
“You’re wrong No-Show, I still have my keys to my Awe-Striker, low-tide you still have the keys for the Sharc, and Tomahawk you still got the keys to the Ghost Hawk”
“Yup” low-tide answered
“Duh” tomahawk answered
“Still we should not do anything” no-show says
“Well, let’s go” shark says and then he looks over at no-show “unless you’re too scared to save them, then just stay”
“we are going to be lucky if we don’t get court marshaled”

Back in the back of the computer room
Footloose and Beachhead are standing in the back of the room listening to Hawk plan
Then softly almost too soft to be heard the awe strikers, the Sharc and the Ghost Hawk engines starting up
“Hey, Beachhead is it just me or do you hear the sound of engines starting”
“No, wait yes I do hear it now”
“The green shirts must be doing something super impulsive and stupid right now”
Hawk stops talking
“Do you two have something to share with the group?”
“Yes sir, I believe the green shirts took their vehicles and they are planning to attack cobra and Mars, permission to make sure they are where we left them”
“Permission granted beachhead”
“Footloose, go check the motor pool to make sure all vehicles are still there”
“Copy that”
In the motor pool,
“Crap” footloose exclaims as he reaches the motor pool as he watches the overloaded awe striker race out of the motor pool.
Beachhead runs into the motor pool “footloose did u stop them?”
“no they got away before I got here”
“Now what do we chase them”
Over the radios both of them are carrying hawk voice “did you catch them?”
“I got this Beachhead says”
Beachhead responds “no Hawk but I think I know where they are heading”
“Well then you better stop them now before they get themselves into trouble”
“Permission to give chase with the armadillo mini tank”
“Stop wasting time and take the mini tank and stop them without hurting them or damaging the vehicles”
“Rodger that Hawk”

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

the Iron Grenadiers (MARS industries)

well this is the blog exclusive post and because the IG won with 28 out of  48(58%) of the vote

Iron Grenadiers (MARS industries)
 Iron Grenadiers are basically put security forces for Military Arms Research Syndicate (MARS industries) sense WWIII ended. Thought before the wars they committed many acts of terrorism and their leader Laird James McCullen (Destro) was once a part of cobra high command like his wife Anastasia Cisarovna (the Baroness), but as time when on Destro decided to leave cobra and take over the world on his own accord.  Then not to long after that cobra started to fall apart at the seams which at that point the baroness left cobra and then she joined Destro and his new army of commando accountants that he calls the iron grenadiers. WWIII ended cobra fell and Destro and his IG’s where next but instead of fighting(and possibly losing and going to jail for a life term) he broke a deal with the UN that he would supply them weapons and other high tech gear in trade to allow him to keep his business and his security force the UN agreed under the terms that Destro would turn over all(but a small percentage of weapons) to the UN, and then Destro was forced to turn over all his tank and other vehicles(expect the one gunship) because of this agreement and has been supplying the joes most of the laser tech they have now.
But little did they know Destro was plotting against them the whole time waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the government down.

Destro’s iron grenadier’s(so far)

Weapons: Sword, Laser Luger

Light laser rifle

IG officer
Wepons: AK-47, laser pistol

IG trooper
Light Laser rifle

IG Artic Heavy laser trooper
Weapon:Extreme conditions lightweight heavy laser

IG Pilot
Weapon:Light laser rifle, gunship



Sunday, May 8, 2011


Code Name: Outlaw
File Name: Bass, Scott
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Primary Military Specialty: infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Sabotage and demolition

Outlaw is a criminal plain and simple. on the FBI most wanted list he is on the top, wanted dead or alive with a reward of $100,000 and he crimes include, bank robbery of $1,000,000,000.00, murder of 2 state marshals, and 5 police officers, and he attempted to kill Sheriff but failed and sheriff wounded him and his gang retreated to their hidout. How did he find cobra you wonder? Nobody quite sure how he meet Cobra Commander but it is speculated when planning to destroy the worlds government Cobra found him in his hideout somewhere in the Texas desert and they gave him an offer he could not refuse to join them and help them destroy the government or they would turn him into the FBI. He obviously chose to join cobra and offered his services as a bodyguard and his gang was offered the same offer and they joined and became vipers but outlaw became Cobra Commanders right hand man.

“law and order will fall one day, and I hope I can be the one to crush it under my heel”

Friday, April 29, 2011

chapter 1 part 3

Chapter 1 part 3 “why is that ship up here”

Up in the snow covered mountain 8:00 hours a lone man throws a flair to signal the approaching dragon hawk.
As the dragon hawk set down gently into the snowy mountain side the rotor-blades slow down to stop and the canopy slides open and ice-pick climbs out “thanks for the ride wild bill”
“you’re welcome padre” wild bill responds “see you two tonight at the bottom of this here mountain” then the man who threw the flair walks over to the dragon fly “good job wild bill I’ll take it from here” wild bill tips his hat closes the canopy and starts the engines up and the lone man yells out over the whirl of the engines “hi, ice-pick I’m Snow-Job” ice-pick pauses as the dragon hawk takes off, ice-pick asks “you’re the one I’m here to meet right?” snow job responses “yup, that right”
“hey snow job, what is that” he asks as he points to a sliver wingless rotor less craft heading towards them “oh that thing it the mars gunship ‘cobra’” snow job responds and then ice pick takes his m-249 saw and starts to aim “ice-pick” as he rushes over and pushes ice-picks gun barrel away from gunship
“They are not our enemy right now” snow job says
“But I though cobra is a terrorist organization” ice pick says
“Cobra was a terrorist organization, but the gunship ‘cobra’ belongs to MARS the guys who supply us our high tech weapons” Snow job says
“Oh, okay” icepick says
“But” snow job says “the odd thing is that I don’t believe that is a shipment coming in today”
Up in the gunship cabin…
Over the intercom, “Destro, I believe those where Joes back there, do you want me to kill them?” the pilot asks
Destro says “leave them, I don’t think they know anything yet and starting a fight with them can derail the plans to destroy them later, they most likely training right now nothing more pilot”
“Copy that I’m leaving them be for now”
Back on the ground…
“Ice-Pick, I’m going to call Hawk now”
Then Snow job puts his backpack down and pulls out a small radio
“Snow job to GI Joe Pit”
“This is GIJoe Pit, what’s wrong isn’t your train mission going well?”
“Nothing is wrong with my mission it’s me and ice-pick saw mar’s gunship cobra up here and we’re wondering if anything was supposed to coming in today”
“Nothing that I know of, but let me get hawk and ask him”
“this hawk, snow job there is no shipment coming in nor has mars contacted yet, I want you to find out what that ship is doing up there”
“What do I do with ice-Pick?”
“Take him with and remember no matter what DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NESSARY understand me?”
“Yup, over and out”
“Well, ice-pick we have a new mission”
“Do I get to shoot them and defeat them?”
“NO, hawk said DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NESSARY, just recon and report what we see”
“Fine when are we leaving?”
“Now get your skis on so we can get to follow that gunship”
“How do we know where to start?”
Over the radio “snow job, this is mainframe I have been tacking the gunship it’s 5 miles south west and it has stopped moving”
“Copy that we’re moving out” then he throws his radio back into his backpack and puts it back on.
“Let’s go ice-pick before that ship moves again”

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Code Name: dial-tone

File Name:Morelli, Jill S.

Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon

Grade: E-5

Primary Military Specialty: field Communications

Secondary Military Specialty: infantry

Jill “dial-tone” Morelli joined the Joes because her older brother jack “dialtone” Morelli is also a GIJoe. When she completed training she was excited that she has her chance to work next to her brother who is several years older than her and this was a exciting moment until she learned her brother has gone missing on cobra island when they took the island by storm. With her skill she can hack cobra systems and cause chaos all wirelessly to cobra communications with her laptop and communication with base with ease in the field all at the same time.

“I can hack any of their systems, cause chaos, log out, and they won’t even know I was there”


Saturday, April 16, 2011

night fox with his awe striker

Code Name: Night Fox
File Name: Drift, Andre 
Birthplace: San Diego, California 
Grade: E-4
Primary Military Specialty: Motor Vehicle Driver 
Secondary Military Specialty: E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) 

Night Fox is an expert at all terrain and all weather driving. Before he could enlist in GI Joe he in the Baja 500. But when he joined GI Joe he was not all that athletic and almost failed but what saved him was his expertise as a driver but he was assigned to alpha unit because he was the best driver in his class the other members in his class weren’t as good at driving as him though they are more athletic and also he was the best at EOD in his class too.

“Driving is an art in which no major athletic skill is needed and being able to disarm a bomb requires a steady hand not fast feet”
Night Fox


Code Name: Sheriff
File Name: Blackburn, Colt
Birthplace: Eldorado, Texas
Grade: E-5
Primary Military Specialty: military police
Secondary Military Specialty: intelligence 

Sheriff is a MP who loves the old west and that whole time period. Colt before he joined GI Joe was a Texas Ranger and after a large drug bust he found evidence that cobra was planning something and the drugs was just to make money so they can obtain the raw material to make guns. After this bust he informed his superiors and they told that he’s crazy because COBRA was defeated years ago and it just some group trying to use cobra’s name to induce paranoia. After that he left the rangers and went to join GI Joe. 

“Stopping bad guys is what I’m trained to do, and it’s what I do best”


Code Name: Ice-Pick
File Name: White, Lance 
Birthplace: Diamond Ridge, Alaska
Grade: E-3
Primary Military Specialty: Mountain Trooper
Secondary Military Specialty: Field Medic

Ice-pick is a soldier who has been climbing mountains his whole life and loves the cold and ice. When he was young he would climb mountains with two icepicks and was fast at climbing too. He joined the Joes so he could travel the world become a solider and save lives. Once he passed his basic training he wanted to be a mountain troop and was the fastest in his class and after he finished that training he choose to go on take field medic training so then he could do search and rescue when major disasters strike(mainly avalanches) he could help save lives.
“It’s not enough to be able to climb mountains, you have to be fast and quiet too so they don’t know you’re coming”


Code Name: Shark
File Name: Luft, Max
Birthplace: Waimanalo, Hawaii
Primary Military Specialty: infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: combat diver
Grade: E-6

When Max graduated his basic training he couldn’t decide if he wanted to be in the infantry and get a jet pack or a combat diver because he wanted to do both but when the officer (in charge of getting troops further training) heard he asked max if he wanted to both and be a test pilot of the experiment jet scuba pack and he said yes and when though both courses and pass with flying colors and then he began test until cobra returned and he was assigned to alpha squad.
“If the enemy expects how you are going to attack them, they can be prepared but when you attacked in a way they don’t expect, you can beat them before they even know they have lost or what has even hit them”

chapter 1 part 2

Chapter 1 part 2 “the briefing”

At 06:00 hours an alarm goes off for a few seconds before hawk’s voice says over the intercom “good morning Joes” a second alarm goes off “green shirts please report to the briefing hall for your training assignment” after a brief pause “everyone else just report for your assigned duties, thank you.”
In the briefing hall
“okay green-shirts” hawk says “first I want you all to meet Shadow, he is a ninja” “he might be a green-shirt himself but he was trained by snake-eyes and snake-eyes told me right after cobra returned he wanted shadow to work with alpha unit because he was the best in his dojo”
“Now I will give you your training assign that you will be starting tomorrow at 05:00 sharp you will wake up eat then get to training here is your assignments” 
“First, Shadow and helix, both of you will be in the sparing ring to practice your close quarter combat with snake-eyes”
“Tomahawk you will be running flight maneuvers in the ghost hawk Delta with lift-ticket and his Ghost Hawk alpha”
“Sheriff you will be working with law today as he will show you our procedures”
“Dial-tone you will be training today with mainframe as he shows you our system here at the mobile pit”
“No-Show you are going to work with beachhead and he WILL be drilling you hard, but first you’re going to run on foot over to the mountains”
“Shark you’ll be working with wet-suit on you will go with Clutch to the nearby lake and then he and Night Fox you will run their exercises in the desert with Clutch after he drops shark and wet suit”
“Low-Tide you will be working with deep-six also over at the lake but out in different area than Shark and wet-suit”
“Kick-Start you will be working with thunder on your targeting system out in the desert on some barrels”
“Ice-Pick you will be working with snow-job today in the mountain and he will meet you up there and wild-bill will take you up there in the dragon hawk”
"repeater you will be working with roadblock on the target range with laying down effective cover"
“okay green shirts, get used to bases lay out today, here are some maps”
Hands outs maps to the group “and here are the maps for tomorrow of your training areas” Hawk picks up a small stack of white envelopes.
Hawk walks over and stands right in front of dial-tone. “dial-tone here is a map where I marked where you will meet mainframe tomorrow” and then hands dial-tone a white envelope marked with her code name on it.
Then he takes a few steps over again. “Ice-pick, here is your maps one that has the route to helipad where you will meet wild-bill, and the other is a map of the area where your training will take place” then hands ice-pick another white envelope marked with his code name on it.
Then hawk takes a few steps over again. “Tomahawk here is your map to where you will meet lift-ticket and some diagrams of the maneuvers you will be doing there many one that you might be doing” hands tomahawk a thicker white envelope marked with his code name on it.
Then he takes a few more steps over again. “Low-Tide, here are your maps and diagrams of what deep-six is going to have you doing in the water and in the air” then he hands him a thick envelope that has is code name on it. 
Then he takes a few more steps over again. “helix and shadow, both of you will meet Snake Eyes here tomorrow and helix just so you know snake eyes is a mute” and he hands them each them a thin white envelope with their respective codenames on them
Then he takes a few more steps over again. “Sheriff, Law will meet you in the mess hall after he gets his dog Order, and here is a map where I have marked the mess hall” and he hands him a thin white envelope that has his codename on it
Then he takes a few more steps over again. “No-show you will meet beach-head in the small motor pool here in the MPIT and he will give you further instruction”
then he takes a few more steps over "repeater you will meet roadblock outside near the targets and here is a map to where you will meet up with Roadblock tomorrow"
Then he takes a few more steps over again. “lastly, desert fox you will meet up with clutch in the motor yard and you two will run some desert runs and the diagrams are in this last envelope” and hawk hands him a the last and the thickest white envelope that has his codename on it.
“Dismissed, report to your assigned locations tomorrow and the rest of today learn the lay out okay”
“YES SIR” the group says in unison.

chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1 part 1 “are we there yet?”

On a lone empty desert highway a lone UAPC (Unarmed Amphibious Personnel Carrier) transport carry a group of green shirts that are the top of their class with a few veterans that were just assigned to Alpha unit that is stationed at the mobile pit. The green shirts with Code names: Shark, Dial-Tone, Low-Tide, No-Show, Ice-Pick, Kick-Start, Night-Fox, Sheriff, Helix, tomahawk and Repeater, and with the veteran Joes with the code names: Footloose, Thunder and Cover Girl.
After what seems like hours of endless boredom waiting for hawk and clutch to call so the two of them in the VAMP MK.III can lead them to the base. No-Show yells to footloose “HOW MUCH LONGER TILL WE GET THERE FOOTLOOSE?” Helix does a face-palm and sighs, Shark looks around sighs and goes back to his nap, and Footloose hears No-Show’s annoyingly loud question and carefully head to the back of the UAPC and sits down next to No-Show and responses in a clam manner “No-show we are going to get there when we get there, and that will be after we get a call and get final coordinates from hawk or see the PIT itself.”
No-show in a fast manner asks another question “Is my hero, beachhead also assigned to alpha unit too?”
Footloose sighs and responds “yes he is assigned to alpha unit too just like you” and he mutters “can’t wait till we get there then he gets to train you”
No-show in a exited voice “really that sound so awesome if that’s true yes”
Footloose asks no-show “any more questions No-show”
No-show responds “nope not that I can think of” 
On his way back up Tomahawk asks footloose “so is my brother clutch in alpha unit?” 
Footloose responds “yes tomahawk your brother is in alpha unit too”
Tomahawk “also umm is my Ghost-hawk going to be going to the pit”
Footloose “tomahawk your Ghost-hawk is at the pit already”
Tomahawk “sweet well now I have no more questions to ask”
Footloose “okay then” and he gets up and get to the front just ask the radio come to life “this is VAMP MK.III one looking for UAPC one please respond”
Footloose then picks up the radio and responds “This is UAPC one where are you guys right now?” then almost out for nowhere no-show appears “so how much longer Footloose?” 
Footloose “No-Show can you clam down we are almost there so go back to your seat”
No-show slowly walks back to his seat in the back
The radio comes back to life and says “alrighty UAPC one just follow us”
then as the Vamp starts a wide left turn so the UAPC can keep up and both vehicles start heading to a large ark like monster that is known as the PIT.
As the two vehicles head towards the pit solider wearing an assortment of outfits file out of the pit ready to welcome the new troops to the PIT.
As they climb out of the back of the UAPC and line up so hawk could introduce himself a Mainframe walks up and says “I have bad news we have lost the island of cobra” (used to be called cobra island) “many Joes are MIA or in the hospital right now.” 
Hawk “this is bad”
“First jack and his squad go missing”
“Then Jeff and his squad go missing too”
“This week is not going good”
“Beachhead show these green-shirts to the barracks”
Beachhead responds “Yes sir”
“newbies follow me so we can get u all bunks tomorrow you all will all get your orientation to the PIT”