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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Code Name: Ice-Pick
File Name: White, Lance 
Birthplace: Diamond Ridge, Alaska
Grade: E-3
Primary Military Specialty: Mountain Trooper
Secondary Military Specialty: Field Medic

Ice-pick is a soldier who has been climbing mountains his whole life and loves the cold and ice. When he was young he would climb mountains with two icepicks and was fast at climbing too. He joined the Joes so he could travel the world become a solider and save lives. Once he passed his basic training he wanted to be a mountain troop and was the fastest in his class and after he finished that training he choose to go on take field medic training so then he could do search and rescue when major disasters strike(mainly avalanches) he could help save lives.
“It’s not enough to be able to climb mountains, you have to be fast and quiet too so they don’t know you’re coming”