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Saturday, April 16, 2011

chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1 part 1 “are we there yet?”

On a lone empty desert highway a lone UAPC (Unarmed Amphibious Personnel Carrier) transport carry a group of green shirts that are the top of their class with a few veterans that were just assigned to Alpha unit that is stationed at the mobile pit. The green shirts with Code names: Shark, Dial-Tone, Low-Tide, No-Show, Ice-Pick, Kick-Start, Night-Fox, Sheriff, Helix, tomahawk and Repeater, and with the veteran Joes with the code names: Footloose, Thunder and Cover Girl.
After what seems like hours of endless boredom waiting for hawk and clutch to call so the two of them in the VAMP MK.III can lead them to the base. No-Show yells to footloose “HOW MUCH LONGER TILL WE GET THERE FOOTLOOSE?” Helix does a face-palm and sighs, Shark looks around sighs and goes back to his nap, and Footloose hears No-Show’s annoyingly loud question and carefully head to the back of the UAPC and sits down next to No-Show and responses in a clam manner “No-show we are going to get there when we get there, and that will be after we get a call and get final coordinates from hawk or see the PIT itself.”
No-show in a fast manner asks another question “Is my hero, beachhead also assigned to alpha unit too?”
Footloose sighs and responds “yes he is assigned to alpha unit too just like you” and he mutters “can’t wait till we get there then he gets to train you”
No-show in a exited voice “really that sound so awesome if that’s true yes”
Footloose asks no-show “any more questions No-show”
No-show responds “nope not that I can think of” 
On his way back up Tomahawk asks footloose “so is my brother clutch in alpha unit?” 
Footloose responds “yes tomahawk your brother is in alpha unit too”
Tomahawk “also umm is my Ghost-hawk going to be going to the pit”
Footloose “tomahawk your Ghost-hawk is at the pit already”
Tomahawk “sweet well now I have no more questions to ask”
Footloose “okay then” and he gets up and get to the front just ask the radio come to life “this is VAMP MK.III one looking for UAPC one please respond”
Footloose then picks up the radio and responds “This is UAPC one where are you guys right now?” then almost out for nowhere no-show appears “so how much longer Footloose?” 
Footloose “No-Show can you clam down we are almost there so go back to your seat”
No-show slowly walks back to his seat in the back
The radio comes back to life and says “alrighty UAPC one just follow us”
then as the Vamp starts a wide left turn so the UAPC can keep up and both vehicles start heading to a large ark like monster that is known as the PIT.
As the two vehicles head towards the pit solider wearing an assortment of outfits file out of the pit ready to welcome the new troops to the PIT.
As they climb out of the back of the UAPC and line up so hawk could introduce himself a Mainframe walks up and says “I have bad news we have lost the island of cobra” (used to be called cobra island) “many Joes are MIA or in the hospital right now.” 
Hawk “this is bad”
“First jack and his squad go missing”
“Then Jeff and his squad go missing too”
“This week is not going good”
“Beachhead show these green-shirts to the barracks”
Beachhead responds “Yes sir”
“newbies follow me so we can get u all bunks tomorrow you all will all get your orientation to the PIT”