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Friday, April 29, 2011

chapter 1 part 3

Chapter 1 part 3 “why is that ship up here”

Up in the snow covered mountain 8:00 hours a lone man throws a flair to signal the approaching dragon hawk.
As the dragon hawk set down gently into the snowy mountain side the rotor-blades slow down to stop and the canopy slides open and ice-pick climbs out “thanks for the ride wild bill”
“you’re welcome padre” wild bill responds “see you two tonight at the bottom of this here mountain” then the man who threw the flair walks over to the dragon fly “good job wild bill I’ll take it from here” wild bill tips his hat closes the canopy and starts the engines up and the lone man yells out over the whirl of the engines “hi, ice-pick I’m Snow-Job” ice-pick pauses as the dragon hawk takes off, ice-pick asks “you’re the one I’m here to meet right?” snow job responses “yup, that right”
“hey snow job, what is that” he asks as he points to a sliver wingless rotor less craft heading towards them “oh that thing it the mars gunship ‘cobra’” snow job responds and then ice pick takes his m-249 saw and starts to aim “ice-pick” as he rushes over and pushes ice-picks gun barrel away from gunship
“They are not our enemy right now” snow job says
“But I though cobra is a terrorist organization” ice pick says
“Cobra was a terrorist organization, but the gunship ‘cobra’ belongs to MARS the guys who supply us our high tech weapons” Snow job says
“Oh, okay” icepick says
“But” snow job says “the odd thing is that I don’t believe that is a shipment coming in today”
Up in the gunship cabin…
Over the intercom, “Destro, I believe those where Joes back there, do you want me to kill them?” the pilot asks
Destro says “leave them, I don’t think they know anything yet and starting a fight with them can derail the plans to destroy them later, they most likely training right now nothing more pilot”
“Copy that I’m leaving them be for now”
Back on the ground…
“Ice-Pick, I’m going to call Hawk now”
Then Snow job puts his backpack down and pulls out a small radio
“Snow job to GI Joe Pit”
“This is GIJoe Pit, what’s wrong isn’t your train mission going well?”
“Nothing is wrong with my mission it’s me and ice-pick saw mar’s gunship cobra up here and we’re wondering if anything was supposed to coming in today”
“Nothing that I know of, but let me get hawk and ask him”
“this hawk, snow job there is no shipment coming in nor has mars contacted yet, I want you to find out what that ship is doing up there”
“What do I do with ice-Pick?”
“Take him with and remember no matter what DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NESSARY understand me?”
“Yup, over and out”
“Well, ice-pick we have a new mission”
“Do I get to shoot them and defeat them?”
“NO, hawk said DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NESSARY, just recon and report what we see”
“Fine when are we leaving?”
“Now get your skis on so we can get to follow that gunship”
“How do we know where to start?”
Over the radio “snow job, this is mainframe I have been tacking the gunship it’s 5 miles south west and it has stopped moving”
“Copy that we’re moving out” then he throws his radio back into his backpack and puts it back on.
“Let’s go ice-pick before that ship moves again”