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Friday, June 17, 2011

chapter 1 part 4

Chapter 1 part 4 “Wait isn’t he supposed to be dead”

Back at the MPIT’s computer bay
“Hey Hawk now what if MARS is in the mountains dealing illegal weapons shouldn’t we send a full unit not just two Joes?”
“Dial-tone, we’re sending two men for recon is okay and mainframe can you hand me the radio we need to recall all units right now”
Mainframe Hands hawk the radio microphone
“We’re broadcasting hawk”
“all training unit, this is Hawk, return to the MPIT we have a possible emergency, I repeat all training units return to MPIT, that is all, Hawk out”
“Now we wait for Snow Job and Icepick report”
Over the radio softly “Snow Job to MPIT”
“This is hawk what your report Snow Job”
Softly “looks like Cobra and MARS are doing a weapon deal and Cobra is just arriving, what the hell?”
“What’s wrong Snow Job?”
Softly “It’s Cobra Commander it looks like he’s back now, hawk”
“That’s impossible he jumped off a cliff, but wait, we never did find his body”
Softly “Or it could be an entirely new cobra commander, hawk”
“That’s true Snow Job we don’t know what his face looks like behind his mask”
“Thanks for the report Snow Job”
Beachhead walks in to the computer lab
“Hawk everyone is here now we all are waiting orders”
“Call the veteran Joes in here and take dial-tone over to the mess hall and collect the green shirts and have them wait in the lunch room”
“Kay, come on dial-tone come on”
In the mess hall
“Dial-tone wait here and everyone in here will be receiving orders in a few minutes”
Helix begins to walk over towards dial-tone “hey DT what going on that we all got recalled except ice pick?” helix asks dial tone as she sits on top of the nearest table “well helix, ice-pick and Snow Job spotted the mars gunship codenamed ‘Cobra-Z08’ up in the mountains and are tracking and apparently somebody is alive that fell off a cliff wonder who that would be?”
“Its most likely Cobra Commander” no-show says “he jumped to his doom to evade capture back at the end of WWIII, but his body never was recovered and Ice-pick could be in trouble but there is nothing we can do”
“You’re wrong No-Show, I still have my keys to my Awe-Striker, low-tide you still have the keys for the Sharc, and Tomahawk you still got the keys to the Ghost Hawk”
“Yup” low-tide answered
“Duh” tomahawk answered
“Still we should not do anything” no-show says
“Well, let’s go” shark says and then he looks over at no-show “unless you’re too scared to save them, then just stay”
“we are going to be lucky if we don’t get court marshaled”

Back in the back of the computer room
Footloose and Beachhead are standing in the back of the room listening to Hawk plan
Then softly almost too soft to be heard the awe strikers, the Sharc and the Ghost Hawk engines starting up
“Hey, Beachhead is it just me or do you hear the sound of engines starting”
“No, wait yes I do hear it now”
“The green shirts must be doing something super impulsive and stupid right now”
Hawk stops talking
“Do you two have something to share with the group?”
“Yes sir, I believe the green shirts took their vehicles and they are planning to attack cobra and Mars, permission to make sure they are where we left them”
“Permission granted beachhead”
“Footloose, go check the motor pool to make sure all vehicles are still there”
“Copy that”
In the motor pool,
“Crap” footloose exclaims as he reaches the motor pool as he watches the overloaded awe striker race out of the motor pool.
Beachhead runs into the motor pool “footloose did u stop them?”
“no they got away before I got here”
“Now what do we chase them”
Over the radios both of them are carrying hawk voice “did you catch them?”
“I got this Beachhead says”
Beachhead responds “no Hawk but I think I know where they are heading”
“Well then you better stop them now before they get themselves into trouble”
“Permission to give chase with the armadillo mini tank”
“Stop wasting time and take the mini tank and stop them without hurting them or damaging the vehicles”
“Rodger that Hawk”