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Monday, June 6, 2011

the Iron Grenadiers (MARS industries)

well this is the blog exclusive post and because the IG won with 28 out of  48(58%) of the vote

Iron Grenadiers (MARS industries)
 Iron Grenadiers are basically put security forces for Military Arms Research Syndicate (MARS industries) sense WWIII ended. Thought before the wars they committed many acts of terrorism and their leader Laird James McCullen (Destro) was once a part of cobra high command like his wife Anastasia Cisarovna (the Baroness), but as time when on Destro decided to leave cobra and take over the world on his own accord.  Then not to long after that cobra started to fall apart at the seams which at that point the baroness left cobra and then she joined Destro and his new army of commando accountants that he calls the iron grenadiers. WWIII ended cobra fell and Destro and his IG’s where next but instead of fighting(and possibly losing and going to jail for a life term) he broke a deal with the UN that he would supply them weapons and other high tech gear in trade to allow him to keep his business and his security force the UN agreed under the terms that Destro would turn over all(but a small percentage of weapons) to the UN, and then Destro was forced to turn over all his tank and other vehicles(expect the one gunship) because of this agreement and has been supplying the joes most of the laser tech they have now.
But little did they know Destro was plotting against them the whole time waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the government down.

Destro’s iron grenadier’s(so far)

Weapons: Sword, Laser Luger

Light laser rifle

IG officer
Wepons: AK-47, laser pistol

IG trooper
Light Laser rifle

IG Artic Heavy laser trooper
Weapon:Extreme conditions lightweight heavy laser

IG Pilot
Weapon:Light laser rifle, gunship