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Thursday, June 14, 2012

a viper's diary

well i know i have been delaying a lot and for some reason i felt like writing a short story from a vipers perspective granted i may have like 5 different vipers writing these things

A cobra vipers diary 1 ”GSF short tail”
Cobra viper 20439
                July 3, 2019
yesterday at a rally the cobra commander told us that we would retake what is rightfully ours,  on July 4, he said we shall make our move, which now I’m not sure what I’m doing at first I thought this was just a simple job, but was wrong, as right after training was completed, I was told that I am now viper #20439, and that was my new name, just a number, and also told if I ran they would kill me slowly and painfully, it’s not that I fear death no viper fears death, but I know somehow I will escape this prison, there has to be a way to get my old name back……. What was it…. It’s been so long sense I last thought about it, 4 years training just waiting knowing even if I got out I had nowhere to go, i would end up back on the streets. man if they ever found this diary I would be so fucked, cause even thinking about leaving,  let alone writing about leaving, is considered treason and yet I feel if they did catch me, well I guess there would be nothing I could do
ah I remember what my name was now it was matt divvy  not sure why I felt like writing about it today just kinda felt like it
well I better get this thing hidden and get back to the mess hall before they get suspicious or end dinner
well that is one of the few positive things, they serve hot meals here
well bye sincerely 20439