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Sunday, February 12, 2012

History lesson on World war III(short/side story bit)(semi-canonical)

                Back in 2013 World war 3 the last of the major wars to be fought started to finally come to a close when it was discovered that cobra attempted to censor the internet with the bills SOPA, ACTA, PROTECT IP, HR 1981, C-11 and a few others though each one failed. Even though the bills failed it gave rise to suspicions from the president of the United States and he ordered a secret investigation to be started by the CIA. After the investigation by the CIA it was discovered cobra was using dummy companies to get these bills started in the various countries that the bills started in worldwide and it was also discovered that cobra funded the Taliban to attack the US way back in 2001. After finding this out he called in GIJoe to prepare raid Cobra Island and bring in cobra’s head command in for trial for crimes against humanity and to close cobra down before they did anything else to try to isolate the world any further. But before sending in GIJoe he had to find cobra’s other strong holds and destroy them so that cobra has nowhere to run. After locating these strongholds and holding a secret meeting of the world’s superpowers and informing them of these plan and getting their support the raids to close down cobra began until it was time for the final assault on cobra island with the world(for once) having a common goal worked together to capture cobra island and though they failed to capture cobra commander who jumped off a cliff to his own doom and serpentor who took cyanide and shot himself in the head, they captured the rest of cobra’s high command.